Web Design 101: Effective Black and White Web Designs

Web Design 101: Effective Black and White Web Designs

Many people are drawn to black and white website designs. These shades are visually appealing, trendy and powerful. If you are thinking of redesigning your website, you may want to include this color scheme. Below are some websites you can scan for inspiration. There are a few custom web designs in Malaysia that utilizes a variation of these designs for their website.

Duft & Co. (http://duftandco.com)

This platform has a basic black and white landing page. It allows you to select which business side you are interested in. The clean, smooth layout serves a good purpose—it showcases the fact that the business specializes in two kinds of foods.

The Ordinary (http://eattheordinary.com)

The Ordinary’s black and white layout is very elegant—it makes people think of a start-field evening sky. The touch of gray, alongside the nautical theme, definitely captivates its target audience .

Double Barrel (http://doublebarrel.com)

Double Barrel provides a sense of power to its sleek products.

Melanie DaVeid (http://melaniedaveid.com)

Melanie DaVeids’ black website is, in fact, a portfolio utilized by a gifted UX designer. It’s full of contrast, and uses color to highlight her amazing work.

Salt & Pepper Agency (https://snp.agency/en)

Salt & Pepper is a reliable website development agency that chose a black and white platform for their business. They focus on customized web functionality and technical support in order to help clients from all over the world.

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