Low-Code App Development and Other Mobile App Trends You Need to Know in 2018

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Low-Code App Development and Other Mobile App Trends You Need to Know in 2018

Low-Code App Development and Other Mobile App Trends You Need to Know in 2018

With the emergence of app builders that allow the common man to create mobile applications with ease, you would think that the need for app developers is dwindling. But, that is just not the case at all.

In fact, there is now an increased demand for highly skilled mobile app developers. Those app builders that you’re using? That is actually created by a team of developers that streamlines the entire app creation process for you.

There was a survey that revealed that the number of true “code” programmers are dwindling, probably because of the proclivity of users to utilize app builders than hiring true professional app developers.

Another reason why there is now a decrease in true app developers is that there is a lot of things involved in the process that makes it not feasible for the vast majority of developers.

For one, they should develop code using programming languages and frameworks that are suitable for the type of app they’re going to create. Not only that but they also have to think about the actual platform itself. Are they going to develop native apps or are they going for the more contemporary, cross-platform apps?

Once the application is created, it should also be run through a series of testing phases to ensure that everything works just as intended. And, not to mention that the different app stores have stringent guidelines with regards to app submission as well.

Couple all of those things together and you will know exactly why there are no longer a lot of highly skilled developers. It is also because of that fact that there is now a need for these developers as well. Pretty interesting dynamic here.

Other Causes and Reasons for the Dwindling Numbers

  • Because of how tax deductions and the nature of app development works, freelance or even dedicated developers who work in an agency might not be able to get informed about their supposed tax deductions. Sure, they might have hired their own accountants, but even such professions require their time and attention dealing with other clients as well (which leaves you with pretty much no clue if you have any tax deductions or not).
  • Mobile app developers are still fairly limited by the technology of our time. But, as the years go by, we can expect more phones equipped with more powerful hardware that will allow developers to finally create an application with the features that they want to implement for a very long time now.
  • Learning about mobile app development used to be reserved for already skilled and intelligent developers. But, a lot of coding academies in the world have made strides to simplify the entire process. In fact, Google and Apple, the companies that are responsible for the creation of the Android and iOS operating systems, respectively, has also chimed in to ensure that the app development process has become much easier and more streamlined now more than ever before.
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