Blogging 101: 6 Tips for Online Success This 2020

Blogging 101: 6 Tips for Online Success This 2020

1. Make a content plan.

Consistency is one of the keys to blogging success. Prove to your readers that there is something
to look forward to regularly. Plan a publishing schedule. Just be flexible, in case you need to
make some adjustments.

2. Learn from your competitors.

Take the time to read various resources with regards to blogging strategy. The industry is rapidly progressing, so you must never stop learning. Learning from your competitors is another good thing to do. Check what works for them. Maintaining a successful blog is not easy. They may be your competitors, but surely you will learn a lot from their techniques.

3. Revisit your old goals.

Browse your old journals, and check the blogging goals you have previously met. Learning how to make
a blog in Malaysia requires tedious planning. Contemplate on your previous objectives, and figure out if these things still have a place in your plans next year. In addition, this is also an opportunity for you to look all of those goals you failed to meet. Why did you fail to meet them?
Will you make new actionable plans to meet them soon?

4. Focus on blog design.

Whether you are hiring a web designer, or you are working on your own theme, familiarize yourself with web design best practices. There is no need to follow what other bloggers are doing. Feel free to choose what is the best for your brand, readers, brand, goals and monetization strategies.

5. Determine your focus.

What is the niche you want to focus on? Do you want to stay within your current niche, or are you planning to branch out to some interesting related topics? Will this new topic complement, or create conflict with your current readership and content?

6. Strengthen your website’s security.

Strengthen your platform’s security by updating your plugins and themes regularly. Moreover, don’t forget to create backups every week. If you are some people who use “Admin” as a username, then you it’s time to make a change for a more secure blog.

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