6 Totally Normal Reasons Why Babies Cry

6 Totally Normal Reasons Why Babies Cry

There are a lot of potential reasons and factors to consider why babies cry. To parents who have been there and done that, they would say that it is their way of communicating with you and the only way for them to calm down would be to satisfy whatever it is that they want you to do.

First-time parents might find it difficult to interpret the situation, which is why this article was created solely to help you know the reasons why babies cry. You may also want to stock up on baby diapers just to make sure that your baby’s bum is dry while you’re reading this. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Diaper’s Too Tight

Baby diapers come in all shapes and sizes and your baby has a certain fit before they can say that they are comfortable with the one they’re wearing.

When your baby cries and you’ve made it absolutely sure that their diapers are clean, it could mean that it is too tight on them.

You could either adjust the diaper; ensuring that they are allowed to breathe down there or you may want to buy a much bigger one instead.

2. Don’t Ignore Them

Crying is one way for babies to communicate with their parents or guardians. If they cry non-stop, it could be that they want attention from you.

You could either stop whatever it is you’re doing and then give them the attention they need or perhaps you can distract them by giving them a toy or singing them a song.

I suggest that you do not use gadgets on your babies, simply because introducing that to them at a very early age may develop the propensity to use such gadgets to help soothe them later on (which is something that you do not want to happen).

3. They Might Get Overstimulated

Your baby’s senses are overly sensitive which means that the reason they’re crying is probably because of overstimulation.

This can stem from too loud noises, bickering, arguing, or any other unpleasant stimuli that may bombard their fragile bodies.

If they are put in a situation where they are in the middle of something busy or noisy, it would be great if you put them in another location.

4. They’re Probably Gassy

Babies are notorious for being too gassy. Make them burp my gently massaging their bellies until they pass gas.

5. They Might Feel Sleepy

Whenever we want to sleep but we are forced to finish something first, what is your usual response? You would feel cranky, right? The same thing goes for your infant in that they might get cranky as well.

If they cry even after following the above-mentioned tips, it could mean that they just want to sleep. You can sing them a lullaby or produce humming sounds to help them get their much-deserved sleep.

6. They Might Feel Hot

If the ambient temperature is hot, you may want to turn on the air-conditioning system or the electric fan. Babies can be sensitive to heat and it may be quite uncomfortable for them if they are in a hot situation.

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