6 Easy Ways to Spot a Fake Watch

6 Easy Ways to Spot a Fake Watch

1. You bought the timepiece from a “buy two get one” deal.

Whether you are looking for men’s watches, or watches for women in Malaysia, it makes the most sense to purchase from a second-hand source or authorized dealer. If the seller has a store downtown that sells television sets, cameras, watches, postcards and kitchen appliances, then that’s suspicious.

2. Scratches and rust are all part of a sophisticated movement finish.

A big part of the cost of a sophisticated, luxury watch originates from the manual labor executed on the movement, in order to transform it into an art. Keep in mind that scratches and rust are not part of a timepiece’s finishing touches. Clearly, these are signs of cheap, ugly watch movement.

3. A beautiful, unique dial and funky case don’t mean that the watch is a rare, valuable timepiece.

It is your job to check the website of the brand, talk to a reputable local retailer, and ask questions to forums and Facebook groups before spending your hard-earned cash. The most
important thing here is that if you have doubts, don’t buy.

4. The timepiece a gift.

If the watch is expensive, and is given by a neighbor or uncle, chances are, it is not genuine.
Check if the person who gave you the timepiece is fully capable of spending $10,000 just for you.

5. Unnecessary functions push up the prices.

A lot of counterfeit watch makers go out of their way to print random stuff on the dial. If you have a timepiece with “tourbillon,” “minutes” or “chronograph” displayed at the back part, be warned. Moreover, check all the words thoroughly.
If you have something that appears to belong to a chronograph, yet the timepiece has no chronograph function at all, then most likely, it is fake.

6. You just got the deal of a lifetime.

Sometimes, people get a timepiece with a cool calendar feature, and are surprised to know later on that it doesn’t work. Sometimes, you think you are getting a good deal, but in truth, you are getting tricked.

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