6 E-Commerce Conversion Hacks That Will Double Your Conversions

6 E-Commerce Conversion Hacks That Will Double Your Conversions

With so many online businesses out there, it has become incredibly hard for you to earn as much money in profits as possible.

But, it is not impossible. With a sea of competitors, all you really need to do is stand out by doing things better.

In this article, you will know some e-commerce conversion hacks that will, no doubt, double your conversions.

Make CRO and SEO Your Allies

You may have already heard about SEO, right? But, do you know what CRO stands for? The latter term is actually short for conversion rate optimization and this describes the optimization of content for your customers, with the intention of driving potential prospects to complete the call to action.

To be able to make SEO and CRO work for you, you have to remember three things: the use of keywords and on-page SEO, your content’s quality, and usage data.

Fast Website Loading Speeds

People want something convenient and part of that convenience is accessing things in as little as three seconds. If your website is slow to load (i.e. it doesn’t load in 3 seconds), then you are losing 7% of your customers per second. That is a pretty huge thing!

To solve this, you can use Google PageSpeed to know exactly how your website performs. Next, you want to optimize your website’s content and even go so far as getting a new hosting service to improve your speed overall.4

Employ Responsive Design

Because there are so many people using their mobile devices to access the internet nowadays, Google has made it a point to rank webpages that are mobile-friendly higher than those that are not.

For you to be able to cater to your mobile crowd, you may have to use responsive web design. To put it simply, this design language basically tweaks your website’s contents to conform to smaller device displays.

If your customer is able to see what you have on offer optimally on their mobile devices, then you could see a rise in your conversion rate shortly after.

Improve Your Sales Copy

Did you know that if you write a pretty good sales copy, you can improve your conversion rate? A good sales copy achieves three things: it can help drive action, inform visitors, and foster new relationships.

That being said, the Nielsen Norman Group has conducted a study and it turns out that people consume content in an F-shaped manner.

Armed with this information, structure your content in a way that follows this pattern. And oh, make sure that you make it compelling as well.

Use Scarcity and Value

If something is scarce, you can bet that people would be willing to spend money to get some. In addition, if something is about to run out, then that could also drive people to make the purchase as well.

Now, you can use this marketing tactic to help entice people to convert, but make sure that you do not overdo it as it can be deemed as manipulative and people do not want that if they are being manipulated to do something.

Make Your Website Secure

People typically use their credit cards for online purchases. But, no matter what they wish to use at checkout, you have to make sure that all of their data remains safe and secure from prying eyes and hackers.

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