5 Best Baby Toys that You Can Buy in 2019

5 Best Baby Toys that You Can Buy in 2019

Newborn babies typically do not need any toys at all since, for the most part, they are going to just eat, sleep, poop, and pee. However, once they reach 3 months old, they start to become more awake and they are starting to get more interested in the world around them.

Baby toys can provide fun and developmental benefits to your baby and in today’s article, I will help you find the best baby toys in 2019.

Things to Look for When Buying Baby Toys

Remember that your little one literally plays with anything they can get their hands on. This just means that you shouldn’t pressure yourself into buying actual baby toys for them. If anything, you can just wait a couple more months before you buy their first set of toys.

However, if you are really bent on buying your bundles of job some toys, then here are some of the things that you need to look for when buying:
Buy Those with Contrasting Colors- Younger babies are still trying to understand the world they live in and to help them understand it, even more, you can buy toys that have contrasting colors and patterns. A toy with a black and white color scheme is perfect for them, though you may want to transition to toys with brighter colors as they grow older

Soft Textures-

You also want to make sure that you buy only those soft toys since your baby is still trying to hone their fine motor skills. Buy those that are either fluffy, velvety, rubbery, or bumpy.

It Has to Be Safe for Chewing- Newborn babies want to put everything in their mouth and I mean literally everything. That being said, get them toys that are safe to chew such as a pacifier or a teether, for example.

Toy Recommendations

Manhattan Toy Co Toy Winkel

This is the perfect toy for babies who have really grabby hands. It has a soft and gentle texture that your baby can safely gnaw their teeth on and it can even be refrigerated to encourage your baby to actually play with the toy using their mouth.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

Consider this as an all-in-one toy. Well, it is technically an activity mat but it can be used for a variety of different reasons. You can have your baby play on their tummy, have them sit up and play with the hanging toys, or you can even have them sit upright to play with the piano as well.

Skip Hop Musical Egg Shaker Trio Rattle

This amazing shaker actually has three different patterns which are ideal for your baby to play with since they can discern which one is which; all while the toy makes those amazing shaker sounds.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Research says that when you expose your child to classical music at a very young age that they grow up to become geniuses. Whether you believe that to be true or not, this toy can actually produce amazing tunes that your baby will surely love.

And oh, it’s got some buttons that your baby can press safely and it also comes with a caterpillar handle that is too cute not to have your baby play with it.

Gnomgnoms Polly Pineapple

This toy is made of 100% non-toxic rubber and the yellow pineapple greets your babies with a smile. This is ideal for teething and it actually encourages your baby to nibble on it safely.

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