4 Steps to get Your Small Business Website Ready for Mobile First Index

4 Steps to get Your Small Business Website Ready for Mobile First Index

4 Steps to get Your Small Business Website Ready for Mobile First Index

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At this modern age, mobile friendliness is crucial. If you are running a business, you can boost your online presence by building a mobile responsive website and acquire the website design services. Remember that Google is already starting its mobile-first indexing routine, so this is important if you want to grow your business online.

1. Understand the entire mobile-first index switch.Mobile learning by malmirk

Google utilizes content to determine your web ranking for both mobile and desktop. However, since more and more people are browsing webpages online through their smartphones, it may be best to focus on mobile content and responsiveness. Just recently, Google decided to rank websites depending on their mobile content.

If your website is slow loading, and has no responsive layout, then your ranking will decrease.

2. Evaluate and accelerate your website loading speed.

Most website customers and readers want webpages to load in at least 2 seconds. If it takes more than 3 seconds, then chances are, people would move to a competitor website. According to Google, mobile loading speed is a crucial component in identifying web rankings.

3. Focus on user experience.

A mobile responsive website is not just a small addition to a business’ digital marketing strategy. In order to achieve high web rankings, companies should prioritize mobile experience. Make all the necessary adjustments for a better user experience. Address fonts, clarity, and navigation matters.
Female Computer User (#11) by oksmith4. Optimize content and design.
You can’t make the most out of your website if it is not optimized well. Surely, many details should be reorganized about your content and overall design, but here is a mini checklist:

• Easy-to-read website content
• Responsive website design
• Drop-down menus
Don’t utilize Flash

In addition to this, make sure that the text size, and other touch screen abilities are easy to click and manage.

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