11 Toilet’s Bathroom Seating Options

11 Toilet’s Bathroom Seating Options

Perhaps the main seat you are thinking about in the bathroom is the toilet, but it is worth considering the addition of another place to sit when you have the space.

Put on lotion on the legs and feet, cut off on your toenails, paint your nails, burn and shovel your teeth, and hide from houseguests — think of all the scenarios that would be nice to take a moment to sit down.

Why can’t your bathroom become a R&R sanctuary? Some of our favorite space-saving choices by Interior design firms are here, from cheerful little stools to wooden benches and all in between.

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This curved stool is made of bamboo, so it is ideal for mounting in the proximity of a sink or tub.

  • Scagni Mattstone Shower Seat

Have you ever seen a shower seat such as this? The geometric shape we love.

  • Woven outdoor sheet

This outdoor sheet holds steam and suds for a pop of color and mobility.

  • Bamboo Bench

This bench is perfect to set up a little home pedicure station or to store a new stack of towels.

This glazed ceramic solution works and a small shelf as a lounge area.

The acrylic chair is meaningful in a bathroom. Transparency does not disturb the appearance of space and the material works fine with water.

  • HEMNES Bench

As a bench and storage area, this tiny pine basin doubles. Additionally, in a number of colors you can pick it up.

  • DecoTeak Flexi Corner Triangular Teak Modulated Tool

This stool can be used in the corner of your bathroom or your tub, allowing minimal use either way.

  • Rotary Hero Giant Foot Stool

This is a wild card choice, but it will certainly make people smile — maybe laugh— when they go into your bathroom This is a victory in many respects.

  • Cutter folding seat

The very comfortable seat can be folded up when not in use, designed by Niels Hvass for Skage Denmark to maximize space in a small washroom. It can also be made in teak, maple and black oak.

  • Butler Step Stool

This multifunctional feature will act like a little ladder, a side table and a stool, built by Shane Schneck.

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