11 Rules for a Successful Life in Architecture

11 Rules for a Successful Life in Architecture

The road to becoming an architect is a rough one. Many join the course only to fall off of it after a couple of years simply because of how inherently hard the study of architecture is. You will be acquainted with advanced mathematics and geometry and you will also need to learn the technical and creative aspects of drawing as well.

Architecture firms in Malaysia would require aspiring architects to have certain qualifications, which is why it is best that you do great in school.

Today, I am going to lay out some rules for a successful life in Architecture.

Focus on Your Internship

Becoming an intern in an architecture company can help you gain experience that is required when you actually start working as a licensed architect.

That being said, you can enroll in an internship development program or IDP and start rendering a lot of hours of work since the time that you’ve put in as an intern will count as part of your ‘work experience’.

Be a Good ‘Millennial’

Millennials get a bad rap for being entitled and almost all of the negative adjectives you can think of. But, since you are pretty much part of the demographic, prove them wrong.

When you are working, it is best that you cut as many distractions as possible. Always be observant and continue learning from the elder architects in your company so that you can learn a thing or two from their experiences.

Be a Part of the Community

Once you get your license, it is important that you take part in the architecture society in your community. Expanding your network will help you land a job much faster than those who rely solely on passing resumes.

Always Be Patient

This is especially true when it comes to handling clients. There are some that would act as if they know better than you (and probably, that is true). But, be patient with them and explain every possible scenario so that you two are on board with the project.

Do Good

The Architecture community is actually quite small, at least, in comparison with computer programmers or any other profession. That being said, what you do will echo in the community and will be remembered. That is why it is important that you always do what you think is right.

Voice Your Opinions

I know that in my previous point, I urge you to do the right thing. But, this is not to say that you cannot voice your opinions, especially if you present possible solutions that can help solve the problem at hand.

Be Unique

Although there are certain things that architects are known for, do not be afraid to add some artistic flair and uniqueness to your craft.

Internship is Not Like Full-time Employment

An internship is basically showing you the ropes while being employed full-time means that you have to meet deadlines and create designs, stat!

Learn New Technology

Architects nowadays are more technology-savvy, so take the time to learn new things on the technological front. Perhaps, you can gain an edge over the others by learning Revit or other architectural software out there.

Employ ‘Green’ Measures

Energy efficiency can save our planet. That is why you have to incorporate the principles of green architecture on your designs.

Build New Friendships

Architects are a rarity these days, which is why forging friendships with people of the same profession can really help you in the industry.

Always Learn

Learning should not stop at school. Continue learning more about your industry and the sectors in which you want to specialize in.

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